Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

Directed by Paul Borghese
Starring Armand Assante, William DeMeo, Ice-T, and Ja Rule

Newly released from prison, a man (William DeMeo) scoffs at the chance to earn an honest living in his father's construction business; instead he returns to a life of crime.

Additional Music

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Here we go again

Concept by Nathan Cohen, Directed by Johan T. Anderson

Here We Go Again is a short dance film that explores love and intimacy between couples throughout New York City’s beautiful cityscape. It follows one man as he looks to the relationships of others for answers to his own romantic struggles.

Film Score, Mixing/Mastering

  • Los Angeles Dance Shorts Film Festival 2017
  • New York Jazz Film Festival 2016
  • Greensboro Dance Film Festival 2016
  • Long Beach Indie International Film Festival 2016
  • Chain NYC Film Festival 2016
  • La Costa Dance Film Festival 2016
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Directed by Lori Lyle

When teacher Art Madsen develops an obsessive crush on a co-worker, he begins to lose his grip on reality and believes that doing something big is the only way to win her heart. But when he arms himself and heads to the high school graduation, it leads to unthinkable consequences.

Sound Design, Foley, Mixing/Mastering


Animated by Megan Basaldua

Film Score

  • Sunchild 8th International Environmental Festival - Armenia
  • Wildlife Conservation Film Festival - NY
  • International Animated Short Film Festival AJAYU - Peru
  • Smaragdni Eco Film Festival - Croatia
  • Animators of Color Festival - NY
  • Best of Pratt Animation Show - NY
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Directed by Lori Lyle

Film Score, Sound Design, Foley, Mixing/Mastering

When Scotty gets out of jail, all he wants is to retrieve his hidden loot. And when he runs out of gas and money he finds the answer to all his problems in the form of an RV...too bad it comes with extra baggage.

  • Nevada Women’s Film Festival
  • Creation International Film Festival

Concept by Nathan Cohen, Directed by Johan T. Anderson

Film Score, Mixing/Mastering

Skin is a dance film focusing on the complexities of why we wear what we wear. The piece portrays the story of two women's quests to find self

  • Silver Lake Shorts 2019
  • Lift-Off Global Network Sessions Finalist 2018
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Daffofil Hill

Directed by Brandon Russell

Film Score, Sound Design, Foley, Mixing/Mastering

  • Indie Memphis Film Festival 2019
  • Barnstorm Media Final Cut Film Festival 2018
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Directed by Kimberley Rizzo, Katie Brown

Jim thinks he's found his Judy. Judy disagrees.

Sound Design, Foley, Mixing/Mastering

  • Silicon Beach Film Festival 2019
  • Culver City Film Festival 2018
Last Call

Directed by Anthony Michael Salerno


  • Big Apple Film Festival 2012 Official Selection
  • Best Narrative Short" International Black Film Festival of Nashville 2012
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